Risk Reduction

  • Your money is placed into ownership of car titles.
  • All of our vehicles are tagged and insured.
  • Our paper is already performing when we purchase it.
  • Pooled collateral means your earnings do not rely on the performance of one large asset or company.
  • Most vehicles are GPS equipped for ease of location or shut-off.
    • CRA reporting and incentives create loyalty.

The company does not originate loans. We only purchase vehicles from previously-underwritten (by a title loan company) customers that have a minimum traceable and verifiable payment history of at least three (3) months, but preferably 4-6 months. Unlike other assets, such as for example Real Estate or Corporate Bonds, our investment procedure does not rely on the performance of one large asset or company. Instead, it provides a portfolio of assets and multiple revenue streams, so that we can better tolerate moderate to possible severe economic, industry or regional failures, without jeopardizing an investment.

We will typically purchase vehicles at a price point where the current Blue Book Value of the vehicle exceeds our purchase price by at least 30% (70% LTV). In case of default, we can more easily perform a quick sale and still recover principal value plus earnings. All of our customers are required to maintain a current driver’s license, registration and full coverage insurance whether individually or by impound through us. This is enforced in underwriting, and by state tracking. We are either named as the party of financial responsibility on the vehicle with each insurer, or are directly insured. In most circumstances, we create opportunities for our drivers to participate in loyalty incentives, to increase and accelerate payoff.


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