The Manager has developed, and will contribute to the Company, its internally-developed and highly disciplined process that revolves around adherence to strict, but reasonable, procedures, for selecting and managing its debt portfolios. Enhanced features are installed to protect your interest.

Jonathan Pappie

(President, CEO and Director)

Mr. Pappie is a recognized corporate financial specialist. His prior firm, CapitalPros Network, is recognized by corporate and business entities in the finance field and a number of national and regional securities underwriters. Mr. Pappie was invited to be a member of the Reagan Congressional Commission, and worked on behalf of small businesses as an advocate to the Small Business Administration and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Dan Wernecke

(Executive Chairman and Director)

Mr. Wernecke has over a decade of financial management experience and is currently a board member of two financial firms, Molinaro Platinum Funds and Lion’s Trinity Capital, as well as their primary funding advisor. A graduate of the University of Central Florida School of Business, his accumulated knowledge of alternative financing opportunities is both creative and dynamic. An accomplished, results-oriented, proven leader, Mr. Wernecke has overseen global operations, built offices and organizations from the ground up, navigated taking companies public, created long-standing advisory relationships with brokers and institutions, and raised millions of dollars for small to mid-cap companies, helping them establish themselves in their niche markets.

Cliff Lightfoot

(Vice President)

Mr. Lightfoot has worked in the finance industry for more than 35 years. In his first project, he was assigned by the Chairman and CEO of TRW to serve in a small team addressing Cleveland’s Urban Problems. For BDO Seidman, he prepared the first comprehensive marketing plan for the Los Angeles office, and assisted the Office Managing Partner in formation of the marketing team to implement the plan. He was also President of the Ernst &Young Alumni Association.


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