Financial Analysis

The investment principal is protected by a chain of insured vehicular notes. It is both “flexible” and "defensible". One link in the chain can fail without affecting the entire chain. If a “link” defaults we simply can replace it with performing paper so the “asset” portfolio is never in jeopardy and the principal is protected. All vehicles are worth more than the discounted consumer note we purchase with the principal.

In the event of a default, the vehicle is ours to liquidate through our pre-existing network of buyers, quickly placing the money back into the portfolio. The vehicles are required to produce revenue every month higher than our combined expenses, reserves and fixed obligation to you. We dedicate reserves in case of any unforeseen vulnerability. Many times we are asked how we can afford the returns we offer, and provide great protection. In this brief descriptor we have factored in many of the questions we are asked so that a complete financial picture, including certain risk factors, is understood.

“Our assets are micro pieces of a larger collection. The more we have available for purchases, the more we are able to leverage that capital and increase our mutual bottom line.”

  • The vehicles purchased will typically not exceed a 70% purchase to value ratio. Thus, our average purchase for each $1,000. expenditure is worth $1,430.*
  • YMS allocates 15% for Lessee defaults. Industry standards for defaults range from 6% to 8%.
  • Our leaseback payment is typically $17.00 per week for each $1,000. of vehicle we purchase.
  • This provides us with a gross projected yield of $884.00 ($17.00 x 52) per year, per each $1,000. for each account.
  • Our program requires a 12 month principal buyout by the customer. This returns the $1,000. initial amount of purchases, plus $884., for a total return of $1,884. per year, per $1,000. of money invested in asset purchases.
  • Your return is protected by our high yield.


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