Earning Potential

Avoid stock market fluctuations and challenges!

  • Why worry about international events, the Dow or the Nasdaq.
  • Why worry about industry news or economic cycles.
  • Why have your future earnings and retirement based on a particular company’s performance.
  • You should have security in your portfolio that is not subject to stock market variables.

Earn 8.5% to 15.5% per year in fixed returns!

  • Our Class A yields 15.5% per year over a 36 Month term.
  • Our Class B yields 12.5% per year over a 26 Month term.
  • Our Class C yields 8.5% per year over a 20 Month term.
  • Ask about our Class A1 that adds a fixed profit share.
Type Minimum Investment Rate per annum Redemption or Return of Principal
Class A $50,000 15½% 36 months
Class B $20,000 12½% 26 months
Class C $10,000  8½% 20 months

For the purpose of a charted example we have used a 48 month model. However, your actual redemption and right to cash out is stated above. The charts are for illustration only.


This chart shows your simple earnings over a 48 month period. These earnings will be distributed over this period.


This chart show your earnings if you do not take your distribution, and you purchase one additional unit.

What we provide: Everyone wants and needs security. Security in our jobs, for the ones we love, and mostly security for our financial future. Yield Management Systems can provide you with that security! So ask yourself… Do you currently have a retirement program that can create balance between the “secure” and the “speculative” portions of your portfolio? Is your goal to have a nest egg that will dwindle over time OR do you want to create a money factory?


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