Case Studies

The following case studies represent a sample cross section of live cases. These are given, without providing any personally identifying information, to demonstrate not only the need for our solution, but the reality of the industry today and how our model mutually benefits all parties including the Title Loan Companies, our investors and our customers

Case 1: HANDICAPPED/FIXED INCOME - In this case, a customer of Title Max had a vehicle that was 2 days into repossession. The individual was handicapped and an amputee, and had fallen into hardship due to medical bills. His monthly payment with Title Max was $284.00 per month. YMS restructured his payment for only $140.00 per month. The customer is happy with the payment program and has made his payments on time thus far.

Case 2: STRUGGLING BUSINESS OWNER - In this case, a couple had a restaurant that was struggling. They had gotten a Title Loan from Fast Cash for $4,500.00. The monthly payment was set at $420.00 per month, YMS re-structured his payments at $320.00 per month. This lowered his payment by $100.00 per month. He has only rescheduled one payment with us and has paid on time and communicated well with the Company.

Case 3: TEMPORARY JOB LOSS - In this case, the customer had gotten slightly behind in his payments from the loss of a job and some personal issues. He was facing a tough choice between repossession or renewing an expensive Title loan. Upon interview we felt that he and his wife represented a good risk, as the family situation was solid and he was employable. His original title loan with Title Max was $220.00. We lowered his payment to $128.00 per month, and he has also regained employment. He is current on his payments.


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