about us

Yield Management Systems Inc. was founded and funded by Jonathan Pappie and Dan Wernecke. After the crash in 2008, Mr. Pappie was forced to use several title loans against his vehicles to keep his once thriving financial practice alive. After paying nearly 100% in interest over an 8 month period he realized that lower payments and solid returns could be a hybrid business model. Having resurrected his business, Capital Pros Network Inc., he subsequent sold it so that he and Mr. Wernecke could develop their new venture. Together they provided the initial funds available to start the business in 2014.

The Company was then formed to offer to certain investors the ability to invest in an asset class which is generally not available to them as individual investors: a portfolio of pooled, titled vehicle-based assets, as a fixed income instrument. The Company, employing strategies, techniques and procedures which have been tried and tested and provide investors with diversity by purchasing vehicles in an entire portfolio of “title loans” for automobiles.

YMS believes in fixed returns for predictable earnings. Fixed, asset based returns provide a stable, calculable income. Our investors know they have stable, fixed income because each unit generates a set payment. We also provide principal protection for our Members or "Note Holders" with our multiple levels of protection, including reducing underwriting risk and purchasing these assets at a discount.

  • We purchase and restructure Auto Title Loans that cost between 10-20% per month, as a month-to-month loan.
  • We buy these revenue streams on with your principal investment and return in first position in the LLC.
  • All our paper is aged by at least 3 months so we have a payment history.
  • We protect you with Insurance, GPS systems and underwriting procedures that reduce risk.
  • We increase safety by purchasing multiple revenue streams. This reduces the probability of default.
  • We can tolerate losses due to economic, industry or regional failures without affecting our base commitments.
  • We safeguard your initial investment by pledging the asset to the LLC and keeping a protected reserve account.
  • We can provide flexibility and liquidity options that many investments just can’t provide.


This information is promulgated under the Jobs Act Rule 506 (c). This is not an offer to sell securities. Any person, entity, or organization must first be qualified by the company and read all of the offering documents and attest to reading and fully understanding such documents as well as undergo certain examinations to prove accredited investor status. Yield Management Systems, Inc. and its affiliates are not licensed securities dealers or brokers and as such, do not hold themselves to be. This website should be construed as informational and not as an advertisement soliciting for any particular purpose.