our mission

Our mission is twofold. To give you the investor a reasonable and fair return on your capital and to help a distressed consumer. Yield Management Systems, Inc. and its subsidiaries represent a fiscally responsible company that purchases and restructures Auto Title loans for distressed consumers. Through the improvement and repositioning of these assets, YMS also contributes to the economy by reducing payments made by debt laden customers and frees up much needed capital to a down trodden economic sector. Our mission is to help these people down a path that will get them to understand and manage finances in a clearer light.

our Business

We are in the business of purchasing aged title loans so that we can achieve returns and we can bring flexibility to a challenging situations and protect our investors. Title loans are a multibillion dollar business here in the USA. Many people are forced into a bad situation and need emergency cash. The industry thrives on the borrower continuing to refinance over and over, never getting themselves out of debt. Yield Management Systems Inc. has programs in place that end this cycle of never ending payments. By investing with Yield Management Systems Inc. you are truly “helping others help themselves” and reducing heavy debt burdens in challenged economic sectors.

our Philosophy

High returns combined with good works and a stable business model. We believe in what we do for all parties. Yield Management Systems has proven it can transform people’s lives while averaging above market returns. Our goal is to reposition a negative situation into a positive one for everyone involved. YMS assists car owners in understanding their alternative to refinancing their never ending Title loan, or worse, repossession. By maintaining principled underwriting supported by a human touch, we lower default rates, increase customer loyalty and insure customer responsibility is maintained. We also provide investors a return that is fair and collateralized.


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